Dec 18, 2014

Back Again

Hello my dear friends, 
it has been a long time since I last wrote.. Over a month now.
But there were so many things happening, so many obligations, and with it all I've been sick two times during last month. 
So, as you can assume, I wasn't able to go out and take photos of my outfit posts.
What has been going on?
Well, a lot.

I'm not sure where to start. 
There was Mr.Handsomes B-day, than our second wedding anniversary which we celebrated with dear friends and family, short trip to Split (once again)... And we have also bought a new camera. Something we both wanted to do for quite some time now.

There is also one more thing which makes us very happy, but I'll let you wonder what could it be, and when the time feels right, I'll share it with you. 
I certainly hope I will be able to post more often than last few weeks.

Christmas is approaching so fast, I can't wait.
Have you done your shopping yet?
I'm looking forward to that, as soon as I get better after this boring cold I caught.

Nov 11, 2014


Last few days I've been feeling up and down, and all over..
One minute I'm ultra happy, and next one I'm crying my ass off. 
It's really hard for us, women, with all that we feel, with all that we go through, and I'm only talking about emotions. 
When do you get a break from that? Is it possible? Cause I'm becoming pain the ass with my emotional roller coaster. 
I would be happy if I could punch myself in the face and get my shit together, 'cause I have a lot of things to be grateful and happy about, much more than those which burden me.  
Well, I guess that will pass, as always, and things will fall back to it's place.
Let's get back to my outfit :)
Coral blazer.
I'm huge fan of blazers. And this one I got myself few days ago. 
It's amazing how you can style it with almost everything, but I prefer with jeans.
Are you fan of blazers?
How do you style them?

U zadnje vrijeme imam ludnicu u glavi. U jednom trenutku sam hiperaktivno sretna, u drugom se ponašam kao da su mi sve lađe potonule. I to me izluđuje. Hoće li ikada postojati period u kojem ćemo mi žene biti savršeno mire i stabilne? Postoji li uopće stabilna žena hahahaha? Žena bez ovog nepotrebnog cirkusa u glavi? I pliz, nemojte mi reći da ćemo to tek dočekati u menopauzi?! Ili pak onom periodu iza?  hahaha
Svojim frendicama uvijek uspijem ispametovat nešto kada se tako osjećaju, ali kada sam sama u pitanju, NE. Razum nestane, emocije prevladaju i tako to ide u krug. 
No, neću vam sada jamrati ovdje, vratimo se mi na outfit post. 
Da bih si malo udovoljila u ovoj fazi jadikovanja i prežderavanja junk foodom, kupila sam si novi sako, koraljne boje. 
Apsolutno me oduševio kroj, i savršeno ga mogu iskombinirati sa gotovo svim komadima odjeće u ormaru, ali mi je nekako najomiljenije nabacit ga na jednostavne traperice.
Nabacila sam još leopard maramu i čizmice i to je to - spremna sam za dejt s curama u gradu. 


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